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Since1987, Designcrafts4u has been committed to seeking increasing quality, good service and prompt delivery, for we want repeat customers.  A repeat customer does not happen by accident. Instead, it is a result of a relationship that you have built up through excellent customer service.  By hard working and doing intergrity, we have been a fast growing company and now have developed into a leading example in this ceramic polyresin crafts line.


 1 Production Lines


              Ceramic Wares                                                      Polyresin Crafts

Our products are widely used for home decoration, garden decoration, office supplies, gifts and souvenirs, kitchen wares, holiday decors, etc....We trust that if you believe in unlimited quality and act in all business dealings with total integrity, the rest will take care of itself.


About OEM: Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship, the act helps us to keep pace with the times. That is the reason for us to set up R&D department and recruit talented sculptors, painters and craftsmen.  Today, custom projects have become one of our main orientations.        

             Got an idea?  Tell us.  We expect the chance to help realize it.



 2  Development History

There is always room for those who can be relied upon to do the things when they say they will. 

Setting a good example from the top has a ripple effect throughout the whole business.  

                  Being a trustable partner, Designcrafts4U is all ready.


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